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Curt Dowdy - Business Experience Summary

Several years as a Fortune-50 company executive.  Recognized for leadership with concrete results in business ventures, organizational development, strategic partnerships, product management and marketing.

Business Ventures

Architected and implemented business plans for multiple new enterprises at Hewlett-Packard targeting up to $500 million annual revenue.  Procured $20 million equity capital for three Internet ventures.  Each survived the dot-com crash and is flourishing today.  One is listed in ComputerWorld’s top 100 emerging companies.

Organizational Leadership

Directly managed a business producing $65 million annual sales and double-digit profits.  Structured, staffed and managed business teams including management, marketing, finance, R&D, operations, manufacturing and technical support. 

Strategic Partnerships

Provided executive leadership, negotiated contracts, led implementation and managed on-going strategic alliance relationships at the CEO or vice-president level among the following companies:




Type of venture


Fremont, CA

Internet managed/monitored personal computers




Alameda, CA


Web site hosting for small businesses




San Jose, CA


Web-hosted data management for wired & wireless devices




Tokyo, Japan


Laser printers, scanners, supplies & support


Clan Systems


Edinburgh, UK


Embedded systems software


Océ Printing Systems (formerly Siemens-Nixdorf)


Munich, Germany


High speed laser printers, supplies & support




Irvine, CA


Dot matrix impact printers, supplies & support


Kentek Information Systems


Boulder, CO


Laser printers, supplies & support

Product Management

Successfully led business research, planning, development and launch of new products in the following areas:  Internet services, personal computers, Unix servers, graphics workstations, laser printers and scanners.


Successfully led strategic planning and implementation of marketing campaigns, including brand management, public relations, print/TV/radio placements, advertising, web marketing, and direct & retail sales programs.