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Curt Dowdy Filmography:

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In Production

Chasing Glaciers

mountain eco-adventure video web log & long form documentary

Producer + Director + Cinematographer

Past Motion Pictures

Happily, EVEN After

2004, feature-length romantic drama/comedy

(2004 premiere, Tribeca Film Festival)

Co-Producer + Desert Unit Manager


Past Documentaries


High Ambitions in the Himalaya

2006, long-form documentary

(Broadcast distribution, Zia Film Distribution)

Producer + Director + Cinematographer

Confessions of a Burning Man

2003, feature-length documentary

(Theatrical distribution, Windline Films)

Associate Producer + Additional Cinematography
Windline Films


Real Time

2003, long-form documentary

(DVD distribution, National Film Network)

Associate Producer
National Film Network


Past Shorts


Path of Hope

2007, short indigenous culture documentary

(2007 festival release)



The Next Movie

2005, short drama

(2005 festival release)

First Assistant Director