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About Curt Dowdy

As a former Fortune-50 technology company executive, Curt draws from many years of successfully managing business, technical and creative endeavors.  That experience is now applied to producing inspiring motion pictures and to establishing entrepreneurial ventures that meet and exceed growth objectives.  His past successes and vast experience are captured in three resumes:

1. Business.  At Hewlett-Packard, Curt held profit & loss responsibility for a product line that he concieved and managed, producing double-digit net profits from $65 million annual revenue. He went on to provide executive leadership in a division responsible for $1 billion in annual sales.  As a business planning and development director, Curt architected and implemented multiple business plans, each targeting $500 million annual revenue.  Curt additionaly managed a $20 million investment in three dot-com-era ventures, all of which survived the crash and are flourishing today.  One of those ventures broke through the 2001 recession to be named a top 100 emerging company.

2. Film Production.  Curt has been a producer and producing partner on a wide variety of motion pictures and documentary films.  He debuted as a director with the long-form adventure documentary High Ambitions in the Himalaya.   Curt is currently co-founder in a start-up venture bringing high-quality films to the Internet while he is simultaneously completing Chasing Glaciers, an eco-adventure film documenting the effects of and solutions for climate change.

3. Adventure.  Curt's other passions are peaked in high adventure, indigenous cultures and the environment.

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on Mount Cho Oyu, Tibet
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